CHPF introduces FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD “Height adjustable arm” sofas, with world- class comfort and safety!

Sofa For Mothers

The Job of Motherhood is in realizing the cry of the hungry baby! The Comfort Posture of a mother to feed her baby is cumbersome. parenting been a nightmare due to the search for support at every opportunity. CHPF provides the adjustable hand rest sofa at your comfort to overcome the worries of parenting. With CHPF relish the precious moments!

sofa for mother at chpf

Sofa For Disabled Patient

Quite often disable person wishes to enjoy the seating position. Many a time ended up in discomfort in short time. An exclusively designed and patented CHPF sofa fulfills their wish and desire. Trance the rejoicing moments!

sofa for disabled person

Sofa That is Flexible For Children

Children end up in Fiddle due to the seating discomfort of the sofa. CHPF Provides a perfect solution for the crazy kid to relax and calm down with great gestures. The pride moments !

flexible sofa for children

Adjustable Arm Sofas For Tall People

The Exceptional Person always gets exempted from life leisure. Our innovation strives to make them comfortable at ease. Every person at home gets highly satisfied with CHPF patents!

adjustable sofa for tall people