“Stanley furniture model by CHPF: Uplifting comfort with customized sofas and recliners”
See the above video about the options provided by our newly launched Stanley model recliners. We have built 10 options in this Stanley model recliners. This Stanley model recliner design can be produced as a static sofa also.
Craftsmanship meets comfort: CHPF proudly presents Stanley model recliners & sofas — a name synonymous with luxury, style, and bespoke design. Join us into the world of love Stanley model by CHPF and the comfort offered by Stanley sofas, recliners;
Comfort and style: When it comes to Stanley by CHPF, it’s not just about furniture; it’s about an experience with comfort and style. The fine craftsmanship and design that our Stanley lifestyle models brings to every home.

Cosy Hides Premium Furniture Private Limited

Furniture Where you can relax

How about putting your legs up and relaxing on a leather armchair after a hard day’s work?

Our Power Recliners are the perfect answer. They fit you like a glove, provide proper lumbar support, and elevate your feet above heart level, taking your comfort levels to an all-new high! You’ll feel so cosy that you might doze off a li’l bit, but that’s okay!

We bet you’ll be spoilt for choice with our options:

  • Electrical, Manual & Rocking
  • Single Seater, Double Seater & Triple Seater
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Experience the Sleekest Recliner in the world

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